Meditation Rituals

  • HAR - Prosperity Mantra

    Aimee Bello brings us into the interesting world of Kundalini Yoga. In her 3 Minute Kundalini Yoga Meditations: Using Mantra as Medicine as taught by Yogi Bhajan, she teaches you various Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditations you can use in your everyday life to manifest things and to activate your mind.

  • Calling Yemoja to Find Relaxation

    9-minute healing and guided meditation calling the deity Yemoja to help us find relaxation. A unique blend of self-empowerment and Afro-Cuban tradition by our charismatic healer Afimaye Galarraga.

  • Destiny Relationship and Oshun

    In this guided meditation we call upon the goddess Oshun to help us find love and that "destiny relationship". A unique blend of self-empowerment and Afro-Cuban tradition by our charismatic healer Afimaye Galarraga.

  • Full Moon in Aries Guided Meditation Ritual 2019

    This full moon will ask you to take the focus from Libra’s relationship centric “we” at the beginning of the cycle, to the “me” of fiery Aries. It will ask you to sharpen your sense of Self - what do you want, feel, believe in? And most key to Aries - what action can you take to champion yourself...

  • New Moon in Scorpio Guided Meditation Ritual

    The powerful New Moon in the volatile sign of Scorpio is intense and will not necessarily be a time to manifest, but more a time to make karmic decisions that you must understand will impact you intensely. As we are also heading into Mercury Retrograde, be mindful to fortify, take stock, and be...

  • New Moon in Sagittarius 2019

    This new Moon is about opening our warrior hearts to the empowerment and success that aligns with our souls, and gracefully closing to anything that isn’t.

  • Full Moon in Gemini Ritual

    A beautiful Full Moon in Gemini Ritual.

  • New Moon Capricorn 2019 Guided Meditation

    This is the final new moon of the decade and ushers in a new one with strength and power because it’s paired with a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses bring new changes in relationships, environments and situations that we participate in, and Capricorn is focused on building, organizing and and remain...

  • Full Moon in Cancer Meditation Ritual 2020

    Join us for a Full Moon in Cancer ritual 2020.

  • Full Moon in Leo Guided Meditation Ritual 2020

    A guided meditation ritual for Full Moon in Leo 2020 by Astrologer Christa Westaway.

  • New Moon in Pisces Ritual

    This new moon in Pisces pleads for stillness and silence; to go within and to listen.

  • New Moon in Aries Meditation Ritual 2020

    The Aries new moon brings balance between your drive to make dreams a reality and the intuitive and creative ability to wait for optimal timing. This moon brings passion to manifest entrepreneurial changes you envision when it comes to finances and values, and only that which satisfies your Spiri...

  • New Moon in Taurus Guided Meditation Ritual 2020

    Welcome the new moon in Taurus with seeds of intention for fruitful changes that you’d want to see to manifestation. This moon will have some unexpected shifts, change and some turmoil. Seek lasting change rather than simple material goods or wealth. Use the power of this moon to enrich as oppos...

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius Sound Bath

    60 minute sound bath with frequencies and harmonies for the Full Moon Sagittarius energy.

  • New Moon in Cancer Meditation Ritual 2020

    A free guided meditation ritual for the New Moon in Cancer 2020 Solar Eclipse.

  • Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual

  • Full moon in Capricorn 2020 meditation ritual

    The upcoming Capricorn full moon asks us: How am I contributing to the highest and best outcomes for all beings.
    This moon uncovers our unconscious programming and gives us the opportunity to make outward changes in our lives over the coming weeks and months.